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In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint please be reminded of the following:

Please drop off your batteries at the sports center in a special box

Please recycle your plastics, paper and cardboard, glass and metal.

Wash and Dispose your recyclable waste in the special bins located in the 1st district area by the children’s playground and in the 10th district across from the Sports Center.


Recycling in Rosinka! It’s easy to be green!

What to recycle

- Flattened cardboard
- Cartons
- Newspapers, magazines and catalogues, old books
- Mixed paper: event brochures, fliers, programs, gift wrap etc.
- Cardboard: cereal boxes, paper egg cartons, paper towel rolls, etc.

When recycling paper, make sure any other materials, like strings or metal (such as found on high-end gift cards), is removed.

- Plastic straws
- Containers
- Bottles
- Produce bags
- Retail/grocery bags
- Shrink wrap
- All-plastic toys
Note that wrap and film must be bagged.


All glass is recyclable.



- Drink cans

- Food tins

- Tin foil

- Coffee capsule, wine caps


Let’s go green together.