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Dear Residents,


You are welcome to invite your friends and relatives to a Welcome home BBQ party for extra payment.

For Rosinka residents this event is for free.

Tickets price for adults – 1000rub, for children – 500rub, children under 4yo are for free. You can buy tickets at the Sport center reception desk or at the entrance on the same day (2nd of September).


We also would like to thank our sponsors, who helped us organize this fabulous party.

We would like to thank:

  • PepsiCo (the most popular soft drinks, juices and potato chips)
  • Starbucks (favorite and tasty coffee of all of us)
  • TK Tel (high speed and quality TV and Internet provider in Rosinka)
  • Rosinka Family Restaurant (long awaited! Supplier of Tasty and healthy)
  • Voerman International (moving and relocation services)
  • Shape of You (FITNESS TOURS)
  • Roust (Parliament Genuine Russian Vodka, Gancia Italian wine) sponsors of our good mood and behavior
  • Intermark Relocation (our relocation fairies)
  • D & D Catering (natural organic food)