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Halloween Party 2009 — “The Evil Spirit Ball”
Come and join our Halloween celebration on October 28th.
It’s time to party and have some fun! No matter how old you are — make, buy or find a funny, scary costume and come to our Ball.

At 17.00 we will be waiting for kids and their parents at reception desk in the Sport center to greet each other in a monster way and show out costumes.

From 17.15 — 18.00. We offer you to go around Rosinka for traditional Trick or Treat Tour and visit our frightened and candy — wealthy neighbors!

If you would like to participate, please decorate your door and leave your porch lighted — so kids know they are welcome.

If you don't want to participate, turn your lights off and hide behind the sofa!

At 18.00 we invite kids under 6years together with parents to participate in traditional Halloween games in Hallow-park, organized in Party room at the 3rd floor in the Sport center.

At 18.30 we offer party snacks and drinks for our smallest creatures will be offered in Rosinka restaurant.

At 18.30 we invite all kids from 7 years to the 3rd floor for really scary games and competitions.


Everybody’s welcome to continue evening in the Rosinka Restaurant.

Bring your hand made JACK-O-LANTERN on Wednesday morning (October, 28th) to Sport center to participate in the competition!!!!! Don’t forget to specify your Unit number.

And of cause more details for our Best Halloween House Decoration competition. Please prepare your own monster, angel or any other design that may fit our Halloween celebration and let us know by October 25th. We will go around Rosinka and make photos of the decorated houses which will be exposed for voting in Sport center.

Winner! Special gifts and pricesare waiting for you!!!