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A tennis tournament for Rosinka`s residents — «Rosinka`s first racket» — took place in International Residential Complex Rosinka

The «Rosinka`s first racket» tennis tournament for the residents of the complex.
The prize for the winner — a racket case and a Turkish massage in the SPA salon.

Rosinka International Group pays special attention to the community life. That is why different activities are held in Rosinka on the regular basis, aiming to help integrate as well as entertain the residents of the complex.

This is also why IRC «Rosinka» celebrates every year its birthday, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Saint Valentine`s day as well as arranges sporting events in swimming, tennis, arm-wrestling and many more.

Moreover IRC Rosinka hosts every year a tournament called «Rosinka`s strongest man», which takes place in the fitness room of the sports center and consists of a number of set exercises.

Apart from international festivals celebrated by the residents, there are also various sports competitions. During the warm season a beach volleyball competition takes place on the beach, as well as roller competition.

However in the cold season they do not forget about sport in Rosinka. That is why on February 6, 2009 a tennis tournament called «Rosinka`s first racket» was arranged in the sports center. Eight Rosinka`s foreign residents took part in the competition.

The first prize for the winner was a tennis racket case and a Turkish massage at the SPA centre of Rosinka.